User Journey – UTM Tracking via Salesforce

Establishing the User Journey - UTM Tracking via Salesforce

At Net Impact, we stored all our user information in Salesforce. However, we had no way to determine the user journey, including what drove a user to our programs and what kept one engaged with our brand overtime.

I created a design recommendation which would use Salesforce and 123Formbuilder to automate information capture and storage. Now, user information would be captured and pushed into a specific Salesforce object for each user touchpoint. In addition to capturing source, medium, and campaign per touchpoint, it would also store the brand, date captured, and contact information. All of this information would be easily reported and graphed through Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

I implemented the Salesforce portion of this project which included the new object creation, automation for data capture, and reporting. Furthermore, the field mapping from 123Formbuilder to Salesforce is also complete. The UTM capture by 123Formbuilder is currently in progress.

The Salesforce and mapping components have been tested. Once the UTM capture is complete, we plan on having it run for 3-6 months and analyzing the data to build out the user journey.

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