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Funds for Lungs Fundraiser

The Funds for Lungs fundraiser is a community project that came out of the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Within the span of 4 months, I created a team of volunteers and coordinated a fundraiser that raised approximately $1,300 for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. We sold 52 tickets, and the fundraiser was attended by over 50 people of all age ranges (the youngest being 7 years old and the oldest being 79 years old). Not bad for my very first fundraiser!

I managed the following aspects of the project:

Event Coordination

  • I managed a team of 12 volunteers.
  • I created a program outline, and oversaw operations leading up to and at the event to ensure that the fundraiser ran smoothly and on time.

Social Media and Facebook Ads


  • We used Facebook (@pulmonarylife) and Instagram(@pulmonaryfibrosislife) to market the event online.
  • I ran 2 ads using Facebook Ads optimizing for conversions. The ads were tied to the Funds for Lungs event listed on the Pulmonary Life Facebook page. A conversion equated to purchasing 1 or more tickets for the fundraiser. The only difference between the 2 ads was the image. I had interesting results. The ad with a higher CPC and lower CTR (%) had the most conversions. In other words, more clicks didn’t equate to more sales.

Email Marketing

  • We reached out to the Central Valley Khatri Association (CVKA), which have had members affected by this disease. They allowed us to market to their email list and we a conversion rate of 36.8%.

Website Creation

  • I provided the design for the website. Check out pulmonarylife.org.

Raffle Prize Donations and Sponsorships

  • Facilitated communication with community members and local businesses, garnering sponsorships and raffle prize donations valued at approximately ~$750.


Website: Pulmonarylife.org
FB: @pulmonarylife
IG: @pulmonaryfibrosislife
Donation Page: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/account/837439

Print Media



Our fundraiser was featured on Facebook by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation during Pulmonary Fibrosis awareness month.

Funds for Lungs Feature
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