Email Database Cleanup

Re-engaging Inactive Users through Engagement Program

I ran an engagement program to re-engage inactive email subscribers and to cleanup the database of subscribers that no longer wished to engage with the brand. Through an engagement program made in Salesforce Pardot, I  re-engaged 2.27% of inactive subscribers. I also increased the open rate of the monthly newsletter by 15%—previously the open rate was ~16% and after the re-engagement program that rate increased to ~31%.

The Strategy

Audience Segmentation

Program A’s email list consisted of ~14,000 prospects. We segmented the inactive users based on 2 criteria:

  1. The first criteria checked whether a prospect had not opened an email in over a year
  2. The second criteria checked whether a prospects score was less than 10. A score in Pardot is points accumulated based on the actions a prospect has taken. For example, if a prospect opens or clicks on an email, they will accumulate points, adding to their overall score which demonstrates how active that prospect is. A score of less than 10 means the prospect was not very active at any point they were on the email lists.

Designing the Engagement Program

I created 3 emails for the program.

  1. The first email’s CTA asked prospects to update their email preferences. The email preferences contained the opportunity to opt into newer newsletters on niche topics.
  2. The second email contained the same CTA as the first email, but it also contained some sample content that the prospect could view. Based on clicks, we were able to re-engage and also find out what types of content users were interested in.
  3. The last email contained the majority of information from the second email with additional content types. We also mentioned that if no action was taken, we would remove the prospect from the email list.

These emails were sent a week apart on a Tuesday when we have the highest email open rates. We re-engaged 163 prospects and removed 7180 prospects from the email list, which is half of the list. This number may seem high, but many of the prospects had been on the list for 5+ years, and this was the first time that we had ever completed a database cleanup. Given that our open rate doubled, we were thrilled to have a more updated and engaged group of prospects that were interested in our content and messaging.

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